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Filtering System

Maximprise includes an easy and powerful filtering system for viewing of records.

A filter is basically a criteria acting upon a particular field which limits the results being returned in the display area. These criteria can be added, altered or deleted by the user to obtain the listing of their choice.

For example, the “Work Orders” view has two applicable filters – “Completed” and “Dated”. If the “Completed” filter is set to “No”, only those jobs are returned which have not been completed. If the “Dated” filter is set, only those jobs are returned which satisfy the dates set in the filter.

Filters can be common across views – when this happens, the view automatically picks up criteria from the filter. It does not matter in which view the filter was originally set. If a view does not have a particular filter as applicable, it will list the filter in the “filter display” area but render it as strikethrough which means that filter was not considered. For example, the Item Schedule filter is common to both item and item subcategories.