This post is to announce availability of source code of products on Github.

Here are the details:

  Product Name Description Similar Products Links
1 BooksNirvana Cloud based accounting for manufacturing Quickbooks Accounting Documentation, Source
2 CRMNirvana Cloud based customer relation management SugarCRM Documentation, Source
3 HRMNirvana Cloud based human capital management QuickBooks Payroll Documentation, Source
4 GstNirvana Cloud based GST Return filing ClearTax Gst Documentation, Source
5 ProjectsNirvana Cloud based projects management TeamWork Documentation, Source
6 MPCNirvana Cloud based manufacturing, planning and control Raven Documentation, Source
7 EtomPlan Cloud based ERP DeskEra ERP Documentation, Source
8 EdNirvana Cloud based Learning Management System TalentLMS Documentation, Source
9 CollegeNirvana Cloud based College Management   Documentation, Source
10 TrustNirvana Cloud based Trust Management   Documentation, Source
11 GateNirvana Cloud based Security management for gate JioGate Source
12 PowerBOM Cloud based planning of bill of materials OpenBOM Documentation, Source
13 FormulaCAD Cloud based CAD Automation RuleStream Documentation, Source
14 FileMinister Cloud based secure file administration GetFileCloud Documentation, Source
15 VisualCircuit Cloud based management to control schematic reports   Documentation, Source
16 Cognitive Services Cloud based service to integrated chat and speech bots   Source