Risersoft invites proposals for a win-win partnership.

Risersoft has built a unique B2B SaaS apps platform,

which allows us to develop and maintain B2B SaaS apps with speed, scale and flexibility. We have built some initial products in the enterprise, engineering and education domains using the same. The list can be seen on Risersoft products.

We now invite proposals from interested individuals / groups of individuals / startups to be selected for a win-win partnership.

The requirement is as under:

1. You or your team have 10-20 years of combined experience in a domain and have a B2B SaaS product idea in this domain. For example, domains like Fin-tech, Hr-tech, Ed-tech, Legal-tech, Health-tech, Agro-tech, Prop-Tech - this is only an indicative list.

2. You are exploring to start or have already started a new business stream on-the-side or full time, and are capable and willing of devoting 20-40 hours per week to the new venture.

3. The idea can pertain to one of our existing products or be a new product altogether. If it is for a new product, you have at least broad ideas and have or can create documentation of what you want in the initial or minimum viable product. 

4. You can get the initial 10-20 customer accounts for this product and then can take it forward for widespread adoption in multiple geographies.

If you fall under the above criteria, then Risersoft is interested to partner with you as per below scope of work.

If you are an individual or group of individuals, come join us as co-founder(s) of a product. You will:

1. Provide all necessary documentation for the initial product. Work closely with the Risersoft development team to make the product launch-ready.

2. Spread buzz word in the market offline and online on social media about the product pre and post-launch.

3. Start liaising with the initial customers and conclude the deals with them. Handhold the deployments and make them successful. 

4. Take the product sales forward and own the sales, marketing and support functions for the product.

5. Get paid on commission basis as % of the sale of product and associated services.

If you are a startup, we can develop and deploy the product for you. Risersoft will:

1. Undertake the necessary development and/or configuration exercise to build/modify the initial product and also provision in cloud ready to be used.

2. Charge an initial on-boarding fee to you. Peform the initial product development and deployment at no-cost to you.

3. Provide training to any support/training resources that you think will be required to support the application in production on payable basis.

4. Take share of the sale as a % which will be mutually decided upon on-boarding.

Pl submit your proposal here